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Permits Online is TTB's free, secure electronic system where you can apply for the permits, registrations, or notices you need to start your business or amend your existing approvals.


New to Permits Online?


  • Coming Soon!: TTB is updating Permits Online to send secure email notifications to users, please see TTB Secure Email for details on secure email. This is using the same secure email method that TTB representatives already use when emailing you. With this change, the subject line in all emails will show “[TTBSECURE]”. In addition, users whose email system does not decrypt the secure emails from our business systems or users who have not already registered for a TTB secure email account will need to register for a TTB Secure account in order to read system generated messages, please reference TTB's Email Security Instructions.

  • Coming Soon!: TTB will be introducing a new feature in Permits Online designed to improve your experience and reduce processing times. Soon, if we discover that something needs to be corrected or added to your original or amended application, you’ll be able to make those changes yourself. You’ll receive an email with instructions on accessing the changes that need to be made, but this self-service function will give you control of your application data and how it gets changed. Stay tuned for additional updates on this exciting new feature..

  • Please note that your account will be locked after ten failed login attempts. If you do not know your password, please use the I've forgotten my password link above to automatically reset your password before you attempt a tenth time. Once your account is locked you will need to call TTB to have it unlocked.

Warning: This system is the property of the United States Department of Treasury.  Unauthorized use of this system is strictly prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties.  The Department may monitor, record, and audit any activity on the system and search and retrieve any information stored within the system.  By accessing and using this system you are agreeing to abide by the terms of use, and are consenting to such monitoring, recording, and information retrieval for law enforcement and other purposes. 

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